What others say

“Houlihan & Jones helped us define a company growth strategy and then took a hands-on role assisting with its execution. Michael and Martin’s knowledge of the business and their expertise in brand building have made a significant contribution to all aspects of our operation; including financial planning, product management, staffing, marketing and distribution. They have been there for us, helping develop new skills as we become a better focused consumer driven business. Our results have been positive, with solid profit growth in our grasp”.

Greg Fries,

President, Fries Family Cellars

"Duck Pond Cellars", "Desert Wind Winery"

"Martin - On behalf of Beam Suntory, thank you for your outstanding assistance with the Luxco case."

Todd Bloomquist,

General Counsel - Beam Suntory

"Martin - you crushed it. As you can see from the opinion, Judge St. Eve obviously found you quite compelling and credible."

John Schreibner,

Partner, Winston & Strawn, LLP

“Martin Jones’ unique depth of knowledge and experience in the beverage alcohol business makes him a highly effective expert witness. His analytical and communication skills are a great plus to a litigation team.”

Mr. David B. Massey,

Bilzin Sumberg Baena Price & Axelrod LLP

Miami, FL

"Exit strategy, brand building and value creation seminar provided good strategic suggestions from two guys who really have been in the trenches"

Ms. Carol Shelton

Carol Shelton Wines

"Very great class and presenters...Both Mike and Martin brought immense industry experience...well worth th time and money"

Chris Coleman

Founder, The 20 Wines

"Thanks for the follow up by sending the PDF of the class slides and the excellent program. I picked up several "gems" and will use them as we move forward with our business and will strongly recommend your class to others"

Mr. Phil Freese

PF Wines

"...I would like to thank you for your continued support and time that you provide SSU and the Wine Business Institute. Without your dedication we would not be growing our program at the rate we are...

Mr. Ray Johnson

Director Wine Business Institute,

Sonoma State University

"I have known Martin Jones for over fifteen years and have worked closely with him first as President and CEO of Corby Distilleries and then as President and CEO of Allied Domecq USA. I found Martin not only an effective executive and people person, but he also had a creative approach to identifying and solving problems in a timely manner. He is well known for his broad knowledge of the various elements of the wine and spirits industry along with a strategic but practical approach to the overall business."

Mr. George McCarthy

- Former Chairman, Americas, Allied Domecq Spirits & Wine

- Current Chairman Corby Distilleries, Limited

"...I have known Martin for approximately fifteen years, working with him throughout my career at Domecq Importers, Allied Domecq and Pearl Spirits. He is a highly respected, hands-on leader and an insightful professional with a deep understanding of the US beverage alcohol industry. Throughout our relationship, he has provided me with indispensable direction and advice that has helped me develop my own management potential. Martin’s analytical ability and planning skills have always provided an advantage to the businesses he has managed...."

Mr. Larry Fioretti

- Former Vice President, Sales Allied Domecq Spirits, USA

- Current Regional Director Stolichnaya Vodka.

" ...I have known Martin Jones for over twelve years and had the opportunity to work for and with him for three of those years. Martin has a full knowledge of every aspect relating to the sale, marketing and contributing factors which lead to the success of beverage alcohol products. He is a proven leader, motivator and brand developer. Of equal importance and strength is his talent in budgeting and financial management as they relate to delivering results and a profitable enterprise..."

Mr. Ron Johnson

- Former Executive Vice President Allied Domecq Wine

- Former Executive Vice President Allied Domecq Spirits, USA

- Retired Sr. VP Sales St. Supery Vineyards & Winery

"I have known Martin for ten years and have found him to operate with the highest level of judgment and integrity. Martin has proven to be a quick study, adapting from his previous role in the supplier tier to his role as General Manager of our wine and spirits distribution business. Throughout his time working with my family business, he demonstrated strong leadership skills, vast industry knowledge and a sound and effective style of management. His insights, innate abilities and obvious business acumen added to our companies success in the Wine and Spirits distribution business in the highly competitive New York marketplace. He was an invaluable asset to me in helping us through the successful sale of our company. Martin’s industry background combined with his strategic planning and execution skills make him highly qualified to provide hands-on service in all areas of our industry."

Mr. Marc D. Taub

President Palmbay International

"I could not recommend Martin Jones more highly for any position in the Beverage Industry he chooses to undertake. In both of the companies I have interfaced with Martin, I have seen his years of practical experience combined with his "out of the box" thinking result in very successful outcomes. His understanding of the industry triage necessary to rescue or improve the business model is unsurpassed. Having Martin Jones on your team would be one of the best business decisions your company ever made."

Ms. Toni Anderson

Comptroller and Financial Management Services Provider

"Martin is a productivity expert who understands the multi-dimensional, often complex, wine industry. He is a hard driving, results oriented manager able to balance the interests of all stake holders. His years of general management experience in both corporate and private business are a great complement to his strategic ability. Well rounded skills in sales, marketing finance and operations equip him for the most challenging assignments."

Mr. James R. Rose

Attorney, St. Helena, California

"I worked with Martin for about two years at Kirkland Ranch Winery while they went through bankruptcy. Martin was the General Manager at Kirkland and was involved with all aspects of the winery. Through his industry contacts he was able to immediately increase their sales and liquidate slow-moving inventory, providing much needed cash. He prepared a very accurate cash budget and made sure they only spent what was authorized. He was able to keep the winery running even though they were short of cash and personnel. Martin has a great deal of knowledge about successful winery practices and a wide range of industry contacts that he can call on to get things done quickly. It was a pleasure working with him. He has my highest professional and personal recommendation."

Mr. Doug McCorkle

Partner B2B CFO®

"VinoPRO's, (Provino’s), development has accelerated exponentially as a result of the knowledge, experience, and operating skills of Houlihan and Jones. Michael and Martin are hands-on partners who get involved with all aspects of the business. Their collaborative approach, coupled with their insight and market intelligence, has spurred our growth and profitability. As our business evolved, H&J helped develop and implement the important best practices which have driven our company’s success. Their policies, procedures, financial disciplines, and client development initiatives have all made a direct contribution to the successful management and growth of our business. Specifically, their knowledge, experience, and relationships in the wine industry have provided valuable support in the following areas:

Financial modeling, review, oversight, evaluation, planning, budget management, and banking relations • Winery client acquisition and relations. 
Sales organization productivity analysis and management.
Sales meetings and training • Marketing programming for client wineries.
Development and design of management information and tracking systems • HR practices and procedures, including recruiting, assessment, compensation programs, and performance management systems.
Design and development of operating policies and procedures.
Office facilities selection and lease negotiation • Capitalization initiatives and negotiation.
Legal affairs and compliance matters.
Publicity, brand building, and PR initiatives to build awareness for the sales channel and Provino’s reputation. They are hands-on business development and operating experts, able to take on the toughest of challenges.”

VinoPRO was recently recognized as an "Inc. 500 Company - Fastest growing Companies in America"

Mr. Jeff Stevenson,
CEO & Founder,
Provino/VinoPRO Premium Wine